Toronto Hacker Club Team Applications

Available Positions


  • Acts as a liaison between the Toronto Hacker Club and local communities.
  • Promotes Toronto Hacker Club events and opportunities within schools and communities.
  • Keeps the Toronto Hacker Club team informed of opportunities for expansion.
  • Attends Toronto Hacker Club events as a representative of a school or community.
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    Event Coordinator

  • Organizes schedules, venues, registration, equipment, etc.
  • Coordinates guests, participants, and volunteers at events.
  • Facilitates day of operations during events.
  • Collaborates with the marketing team to develop advertising campaigns.
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    Advertising Specialist

  • Develops advertising campaigns for the Toronto Hacker Club and its events.
  • Collaborates with the logistics team to organize outreach events.
  • Collaborates with graphic designers to create visuals for advertising campaigns.
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    Corporate Relations

  • Maintains relationships with corporate partners.
  • Attends and represents the Toronto Hacker Club at community events.
  • Raises funds to meet financial quotas defined by the logistics team.
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    Why Join Us?

    Empower Your Generation

    Promote computer science, grow our community, and provide your peers with valuable opportunities.

    Get Involved

    Actively participate in community events and work with industry leaders.

    Develop Essential Skills

    Learn how to write a variety of documents, work with companies, organize events, and solve real world problems with technology.

    Meet Great People

    Work with skilled and innovative team members, network among participants, and meet influential guests.